Deer Creek Celebrates New Elementary School's Opening

Originally published: August 30, 2013

Flexible space is multi-functional

Patty Miller, The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Deer Creek Board of Education members joined the superintendent, principal, teachers, students, parents and guests to officially open the newest of Deer Creek’s elementary schools on Friday.

Spring Creek Elementary, near Northwest 150th Street and Rockwell Avenue, is the home to 375 students and is the fifth elementary to open in the district.

School Board President Danny Barnes asked the students what it was about the school they liked best. One raised his hand and said, “the playground” while another one was applauded when he said, “learning.”

Barnes said it has taken years of planning by other boards before this one to see the completion of the school.

“Former board member Jan (Larson) was especially influential in the building of the school,” Barnes said. “She secured the land by talking the developer into donating the land and site for the school for free, saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Superintendent Ranet Tippens had told the board members, “This school is going to be open,” early on, and it was with the hard work of many people including Renaissance Architects and Flintco Construction, teachers and husbands that the school was ready to open in August.

Principal Michelle Eidson said it was so exciting to open a new school and parents were already pitching in.

“Our students are appreciative, considerate and hard workers,” she told the audience. “A kindergarten student came up to me and said, ‘I want you to know how much we all appreciate what you are doing for us.’ That shows training at home.

“Our teachers are troopers and faced challenge after challenge after challenge. They love our students and have a passion for Deer Creek schools.”

Eidson thanked her husband for being her supporter, encourager and the one who picks her up and keeps her going.

Socrates Lazaridus, Renaissance Architect owner and president said, “Spring Creek is a unique building. It is state of the art with a lot of new concepts the we were the first to introduce in the state of Oklahoma.”

He added the stage in the gym opens up to the other side to become part of the cafeteria and can be used to make the space even larger.

“A cyclorama curtain turns the stage into a performing stage on either side, the gym or the cafeteria,” Lazaridus said.

The Media Center is also the tornado shelter able to withstand an EF-5 tornado.

“The building is very compact and follows the trend of building green,” Lazaridus said. “The building itself leaves a very low impact footprint.”

“There is more light than normal in the school. We wanted to use as much natural light as we could,” Project Manager Steve Burgess said.

“The building is very compact and follows the trend of building green,” Lazaridus said. “The building itself leaves a very low impact footprint. The building is multi-functional in its use of flexible space.”


PATTY MILLER | THE EDMOND SUN As Spring Creek teachers hold up the school's new sign, Socrates Lazaridus, owner and president with Renaissance Architects (far left) joins Deer Creek Board of Education members President Danny Barnes and Paul Gebb (newly appointed board member), Principal Michelle Eidson, Superintendent Ranet Tippens and board members John Robertson and Jerrod Roberts prior to the ribbon cutting for the opening of the district's fifth elementary school Friday morning. (1 of 1)