Deer Creek to Break Ground on 5th Elementary

Patty Miller, The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Deer Creek School District will be breaking ground on a fifth elementary the first of June.

“The new $12.5 million school will be built on land off North Rockwell and 150th Street,” said Lance Crawley, Deer Creek’s chief financial officer.

“The land was donated to the school district Kay-Bee Developers with the idea that in a seven-year period of time from the donation of land we would begin the building process,” Superintendent Sean McDaniel said. “We are very grateful to Kay-Bee Developers.”

Renaissance Architects and Engineers drew the plans for the new school.

They were also responsible for plans for the new middle school, additions and renovations to the old middle school, Grove Valley Elementary and Rose Union Elementary, as well as previous high school additions, McDaniel said.

“We have had a great partnership with Socrates Lazaridis, president of Renaissance Architects and Engineers, for a number of years,” McDaniel said.

Flintco Constructive Solutions officials will be in charge of building the school.

The new elementary is one of 39 projects passed by voters on the 2010 bond issue totalling approximately $130 million that are to be completed over a five-year span.

“Big equipment will be moving on site in early June, and our completion date is set for 10 months later with school opening for classes in the fall of 2013,” the superintendent said.

Similar to other schools that have been built previously, the new elementary school will hold 450 to 500 students with room to expand.

“Although, this school will have a different design,” McDaniel said. “It will be more compact, and it is designed so additions can be added as needed and funding is available. We will have the ability to add eight additional classrooms.”

He said a space inside the school will be a certified safe room large enough to hold the future total student and teacher capacity.

“Our school board has been progressive and has mandated every new building from here on must have a saferoom large enough for the student population and teachers as well as the projected enrollment if new classrooms need to be added later.”

He added, “Right now it looks like we will be creating the saferoom out of the library. We feel good about being committed to our students and their safety.”

McDaniel said one of the many challenges the district has is continuing to keep up with growth providing facilities that keep up with the Deer Creek standard.

Project manager Jeremy Halferty will represent the school and oversee construction for all projects under the most recent bond issue passed in 2010.

“We are working as a team on the building projects, with district personnel working with the construction company,” McDaniel said. “Jeremy takes care of keeping us informed, works with subs and he helps us stay on budget. He does a great job in representing district needs.”

McDaniel said Chief Financial Officer Lance Crawley works closely with Halferty as does Carey Blanchard, Deer Creek’s operations supervisor, and Blanchard works with Flintco and Halferty as a troubleshooter who helps coordinate construction.

“Blanchard has been around a while and knows where underground utilities are or can find them,” McDaniel said. “Over the years things were not committed to permanent drawings like they are now.”

A Redistricting Committee will be formed in the near future including parents and administration.

“We have done this in the past quite successfully,” McDaniel said. “We have found lots of different eyes bring different views to the total picture.”

McDaniel said the new building will be very kid-friendly.

“If I were a principal I would pick this building to work in,” McDaniel said.